The McMahan Tradition

In the 1930's T.B. McMahan began making reproductions for an antique dealer who specialized in Kentucky made furniture. In 1944 T.B. opened his own shop in his basement and, a few years later, took McMahan Furniture to full production. T.B and his seven brothers worked the original. At some point in time every McMahan male has worked making furniture. Eugene and Patrick McMahan, son and grandson of one of the original brothers are continuing the family tradition. Their furniture is made in the same style, with the same materials and the same construction methods as in the old days. The McMahan family, Eugene & Linda, and Patrick & Leah take pride in producing quality reproductions of antiques and other fine furniture, as well as custom made pieces. Since it is possible to show only a few of the pieces available on the web we invite you to visit our Showroom or call us to discuss the pieces you desire.